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United-Divers SafagaThe Dive Center is located in-front of the bay of Safaga, only 300 meters from the Marina and amongst all the major hotels.

Since 2004, the staff of the Dive Center welcomes you in a friendly and professional atmosphere, for all your daily dives vacations or the organisation of safari diving trips on our liveaboard boats.

United-Divers Safaga is also a Scuba Diving School offering courses according to the international standards FFESSM/CMAS and PADI, and specific training courses for children (above 8).

In 2011, United-Divers moves to the Amira Hotel, becomes Aqualung Partner Center and gets a new look !

Les sites de Safaga Safaga offers more than 40 dive sites.

A controlled development of the city has allowed to avoid the many mistakes of mass tourism, with only a dozen of hotels around the bay, which has help perserving the dive sites.

The bay of Safaga, shielded from the North winds, offers magnificient dive sites, such as Tobia Arba or Abu Soma Garden, a real fish-tank that all underwater photographers love. The depths are between 14 and 35 meters.

The dive sites on the first row, such as the renowned Tobia Soraya, Gamul Soraya or Shaab Saman, are bordering the bay and are truly exceptional! With only weak to mild currents, the fish life is very developped.

The furthest dives sites of the bay, such as Panorama Reef, Middle Reef or the Salem Express, are not ashamed to be compared to the dive sites that you can only reach with safari trips.


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